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In a world where every market is a busy one, branding is your opportunity to cut through the ‘noise.’ That doesn’t mean to say that you should go out and pay for a spangly logo and come up with a dramatic mission statement in order to succeed, after all you wouldn’t drink Fanta instead of Tango just because you preferred it’s logo would you? The key part of branding is continuity. Be sure that your logo is your trademark, that it is copied across every medium including your business card, letterhead, invoice, website and any advertising activity.

Your brand has to reflect your identity. It’s no good just having a website anymore, you need to be at the forefront of every activity and make sure your brand image is reflected in the best possible way. Everyone now uses the web - if someone recommends your service you can almost guarantee the first place they will look is online. So keep your website current, and change it at least every 2 years.

There are endless tools available that will help you to get your brand heard, most of which are cost effective (if any cost at all) but they do take up your time. Blogging is valuable, consistent content that will make you look like an expert, which is what everyone wants. A blog is easy to publish, its data driven, and something you can control without calling upon your web designer / agency to change or upload. When sharing things, use tags to promote two way dialogue. It helps with your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and is much more personal than off-loading a one way message or collateral onto your customers.

Alongside your blog, consider launching a direct mail campaign, email campaign, host a webinar, sponsor a local event, attend a trade show or networking event, win awards, cold call to get noticed.

Find the best combination of methods for your strategic goals because ultimately your brand needs to be exposed to potential buyers at least 7 times before they buy.

Never make your brand something more than it is. Nothing leaves a bad taste in someone’s mouth like being over-promised and undelivered. Or missed expectations. Don’t forget bad experiences spread like wildfire and are much harder to overcome if given the opportunity to try again at all.

People latch onto something they can understand and appreciate, so don’t try to be too controversial to be niche or good at everything, be an expert at one thing and be in a stronger position to charge more for your services. You are an expert, not a generalist.

You will never be entirely in control of your brand, you can set its direction but it is defined by your audience. Branding isn’t a one shot deal, its an ongoing act of juggling marketing, research and conversation, alignment, and if your brand isn’t conveying the right message, you don’t feel your audience feels the same way about you as you do, then you might need pointing in the right direction.

Whether it is a half day visit for some creative ideas or you do need ongoing support keeping on top of your brand image, then get in touch for your free consultation, either way there is no obligation, no contract now, or in the future. Bitesize assistance when you need an all-important boost.